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Income limits and rentallowance from 2020



In 2020, 115,000 additional households will be entitled to Housing Benefit

From 2020, the "income limits" for the right to Housing Benefit will no longer be hard limits. If your income is (or will be) slightly higher, you may still receive Housing Benefit. The surcharge will then gradually drop to zero.
It was a shock for many tenants. If you started earning 1 euro more than the income for which you are entitled to Housing Benefit, you will get nothing more. For example, a slight increase in the income of those receiving the rent can spell a significant financial decline. In one fell swoop, they lost their housing allowance and had to pay back large sums to the tax authorities.

Woonbond has for years committed to lifting these "hard earnings limits". This abolition will eventually become a reality from January 1, 2020 in connection with the amendment to the Housing Benefit Act. As a result of the amendment to the act, from 2020, 115,000 will be entitled to housing allowance. additional households.


Am I eligible for Housing Benefit?

To find out if you qualify for Housing Benefit, and if so, how much Housing Benefit can be obtained, it is best to do a test calculation on the Revenue website;

Income Limits and "Appropriate Attribution"

Hard income limits for Housing Benefit have been abolished. Hard income limits still apply when allocating housing. The 'Appropriate Allocation' limits (i.e. for people entitled to Housing Benefit to receive a home that matches their rent in terms of income) are determined annually.

Source: Woonbond, Huurwijzer