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Rent allowance 2023

From 1 January 2020 there will no longer be any income limits. How high your income may be depends on your rent, your age and the composition of your household.

Make a test calculation to see if you can get rent allowance. You can do this at  Click on “allowances” and then look at “Can I get a supplement?” by clicking on “rent allowance”. On that page you can make a trial calculation by clicking on the word “trial calculation”.


You can apply for the rent allowance for 2023 until 1 September 2024.

If you already received rent allowance for 2023, you do not have to apply again in 2024. You will receive the allowance automatically, as long as you meet the conditions for rent allowance.


Important to know

Can I get rent allowance?
Not everyone who rents can receive rent allowance. To be eligible, you must not earn too much. The rent should not be too high, but also not too low. View the most important conditions below.


To be eligible for housing benefit, you must meet the following minimum conditions;

  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You rent an independent living space.
  • You are registered with the municipality at your home address.
  • You have Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit.
  • Your (joint) income is not too high.

The rent is neither too high nor too low. And the (joint) capital is not too high. (See the tables below.)


The income of other people in your home usually counts.
If you have an allowance partner or co-residents, their income also counts.

In addition to your income, holiday pay and alimony also count. Do you have children living at home with an income? Then a part does not count.


Children living at
home For children up to the age of 23 living at home, only income above
€ 5,432 counts in 2023. Are you applying for rent allowance? In that case, you must state your child's entire income. Student finance does not count.

My allowance partner Your spouse or registered partner is your allowance partner. 

A roommate is someone who is part of your household. And who is registered with the municipality at the same address. For example, your child, a parent or someone else who lives with you. 


Someone uses my address as a postal address
Is someone registered at your address with the municipality, but is that only as a postal address? Then that person is not your roommate.


Your capital may not be too high
You may not have too much capital, such as savings. Each resident may have a maximum of € 33,748 on 1 January 2023. Partners may have a maximum of € 67,496 together. Your own holiday home and green investments also count as assets. A car for own use does not count as assets.


Do you have too much capital on 1 January 2023?

Then you are not entitled to housing benefit throughout the year. Do you already receive rent allowance?  

In that case, do not stop your rent allowance yourself, but report the assets to the tax authorities. This can be done via the internet with My allowances under 'Report change'. Choose 'Something changes in the power'. Then the tax authorities will stop paying your rent benefit. Always report changes as soon as possible; this can also be done by telephone. See at the end of this article.


Amounts of the maximum capital for rent allowance in recent years:

Years I do not have an allowance partner    I have an allowance partner     Co-residents

2023                € 33,748                                      € 67,496 together                      € 33,748 each


2022                € 31,747                                       € 63,494 together                      € 31,747 each


2021                 € 31,340                                     € 62,680 together                      € 31,340 per


2020               € 30,846                                    € 61,692 together                       € 30,846 per


2019                € 30,360                                    € 60,720 together                    € 30,360 per



You can receive rent allowance if your calculated rent is not too high (not higher than the rent limit). View the rental limits of recent years below.

Rent limit if you or one of                                Rent limit if you are between 18 and 23 years old

the residents are 23 or older.
Or if you have a child living at home.

Year             Rent limit                                                                           Rent limit

2023           €808.06                                                                            €452.20

2022           €763.47                                                                              €442.46

2021            €752.33                                                                              €442.46

Do you want to know how much housing allowance you can get? Then make a test calculation.


How is the rent allowance calculated?
Calculation of the rent allowance is based on the calculation rent. The calculation rent consists of the basic rent plus the service costs.

Where can I find these amounts?
The basic rent and your service costs are usually stated in your rental contract or in the letter about the annual rent increase.

Service costs
Special rules apply to service costs for rent allowance. There are 4 sections:

  1. service costs: cleaning costs for common areas
  2. energy costs for common areas
  3. caretaker costs
  4. costs for service and recreation areas

You must state the actual costs, but with a maximum of € 12 per item. You can therefore include a maximum of € 48.



You pay the following costs                               Actual costs        Declarable costs

Cleaning common area                                       € 15                                  € 12

Energy costs common areas                             € 11                                   € 11

Costs for service and recreation rooms         € 18                                  € 12

Total                                                                        €44                                 €35



My rent has become too high, can I keep my allowance? Due to a rent increase, your rent has become too high for housing benefit. But if you already received rent allowance for the same house the month before the increase, you will continue to receive rent allowance. We call this 'acquired right'.

You will not receive a rent allowance for the part of the rent that exceeds the rent allowance limit.

Have you lost your rent benefit in the past while you had acquired rights? Maybe that was wrong. Then contact the  
Tax Telephone . They will help you further.


You can lose the acquired right.
For example, if your assets or (joint) income become too high and you are therefore no longer entitled to rent allowance.

You can only receive housing benefit again if your rent falls below the limit for rent benefit and you meet all the conditions for rent benefit.


When does my rent allowance start?
The rent allowance starts on the 1st of the month. Are you not yet registered on the 1st day of the month? Then the rent allowance will not start until the following month.

Reporting changes
Do you receive rent benefit and is there a change in your life? Your income changes or the composition of your household, for example. This has consequences for your allowance. You must report changes in your situation to the tax authorities within 4 weeks. 


Below are a few examples.
Your assets are not too high for rent benefit.
In 2023, you may have a maximum of € 33,748 in assets to receive rent benefit. Do you have an allowance partner? Together with your allowance partner, you are allowed to have € 67,496 in assets.

A co-resident may not have more than € 33,748 in assets.


Do you have a child aged 18 or older living at home? This child counts as a co-resident and may therefore have a maximum of € 33,748 in assets.

But do you have a child living at home who is younger than 18? In that case, the assets of this child count towards your assets.


Examples of co-residents
- Your assets on 1 January 2023 are € 35,000. Your allowance partner has that

      date € 20,000 in his bank account. Then you can get rent allowance,

      because your combined assets do not exceed € 67,496.

- Your assets on 1 January 2023 are € 10,000. Your resident mother (she is a co-resident) has € 35,000 in her bank account on that date. In that case you are not entitled to housing benefit because the assets of your roommate are too high.


Does the assets of children count?

Do you have a child aged 18 or older living at home? This child counts as a roommate.

Is your child younger than 18 years old? In that case, the assets of this child will count towards your

assets. Do you and the other parent no longer live together? Then it counts

assets of your minor child usually only count for half. 


Examples of resident children

  • Your assets on 1 January 2023 are € 25,000. Your 18-year-old child living at home has € 9,000 in his bank account on that date. In that case you are entitled to housing allowance because your assets do not exceed € 33,748 and neither do your child's.
  • Your assets on 1 January 2023 are € 25,000. Your 17-year-old child living at home has € 9,000 in his bank account on that date. In that case you are not entitled to rent allowance because your assets together with those of your child exceed € 33,748.


Do you only have an allowance partner or roommate for part of the year?

Then their wealth does not count.

On 1 January 2023 you have assets of € 20,000. Someone will come to live with you in March 2023. This co-resident has a capital of € 35,000. Because you do not have a roommate throughout the year (not in January and February), you do not need to include this capital for 2023.


Too much power?

Do you have too much capital on 1 January? Then you are not entitled to a supplement throughout the year. Not even if your capital falls below the maximum capacity later this year. You will only be able to receive rent benefit again next year.

Do you now receive rent allowance? Then contact the tax authorities as soon as possible.



Will your assets decrease after 1 January?

Report your new assets to the tax authorities using My allowances. You will then automatically receive rent allowance next year if you are entitled to it.

Will your assets increase after January 1?

Then you are still entitled to housing benefit this year and you do not have to do anything now. Your assets will count again for the rent allowance next year. Report your new assets to the tax authorities using My allowances. The tax authorities will then automatically stop your rent allowance next year if you are no longer entitled to it. This will prevent you from having to repay the surcharge later.


So many tenants, so many situations
Are you not yet 18? Do you have state pension? Are you not Dutch? Does someone with a disability live in the house? Are you unsure whether you should include service costs? Or are you in a special situation?


You can always call the tax authorities if you have any questions.

Tax Phone: 0800-0543 (free)
Call this number with questions about taxes and surcharges. And for making an appointment.

Are you calling from abroad?

Then call: +31 555 385 385.

Always keep your citizen service number (BSN) at hand.

Do not call the Tax Telephone on expensive 0900 numbers.

You can also find information on the websites listed below.