Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede

Activitie of Wetland Wonen Groep

Wetland Living: Consultation hours in the neighborhood

There are no consultation hours during official holidays.


No consultation hours, but nearby

We are currently not holding consultation hours in Eesveen, Kuinre, Scheerwolde and Vollenhove. We are regularly present there. Please speak to us if you see us walking.

Eesveen once every six weeks on Tuesday

Scheerwolde and Kuinre once every six weeks on Tuesday

Vollenhove during opening hours*

*You are welcome at our office in Vollenhove (Weg van Rollecate 11a) during our opening hours. We are open Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. We recommend that you make an appointment in advance, so that you can be sure that the right colleague is present.




Wetland Living; Maintenance planning 2024 (can be read on the Wetland Wonen website)

We think it is important that you can live comfortably. This includes a well-maintained home. Every year we therefore plan various maintenance work at several homes. Consider, for example, painting, replacing roofing or repairing joints in exterior walls.

Will we work at your home? You will then receive information about this from us in advance.

In the brochure below you can read what we are going to do this year and where we will be working this year.

Maintenance planning 2024

See what we are going to do and where we will be working in 2024.

You can view the aforementioned brochure on the Wetland Wonen website.



Starter homes for sale from March 25

After the summer, Wetland Wonen will start the construction of 33 rental and starter homes in Blokzijl and Sint Jansklooster. We build rental properties more often. But after urgent calls from starters from Blokzijl and Sint Jansklooster, we are also building 4 starter owner-occupied homes in Blokzijl and 8 in Sint Jansklooster.


Sold by Bonthuis Vaartjes Makelaars

Are you interested in the starter homes? Then contact Bonthuis Vaartjes Makelaars. They take care of the sales. They can tell you everything about the sales conditions and the sales process. Please note, the homes are intended for starters in these centers.


Walk-in meeting starts sales March 25

There will be a walk-in meeting on Monday evening, March 25 between 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM in De Burght in Vollenhove. That is immediately the start of the sale. From that moment you can register for a home. Please note, registration closes on April 2 at 12 noon.


Information about the rental properties

We will inform you about the rental properties in September. Follow our website or Facebook page to stay informed. Please note, make sure you are registered on De Woningzoeker.


Start construction of owner-occupied and rental homes

Construction of the homes will start in September, provided that all owner-occupied homes have been sold.