Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede

Annual Report 2019

The board

The board consists of 8 board members on 01-01-2019. During the members' meeting on 03-04-2019, Mrs. van Hilten wanted to stop as treasurer and that is why we started looking for a new treasurer. In the course of 2019 we have found someone who is willing to take on this task. She joined as a candidate board member on 01-11-2019. On 31-12-2019 our board consisted of 8 board members and 1 aspiring board member.



At the beginning of 2019, the number of members was 1076.

In 2019 we were able to welcome a total of 53 new members. 16 members have moved within the working area of ​​Wetland Wonen and have remained members. 62 members have moved (with or without notification to the tenants' association) or membership has been terminated due to: death, departure to a care home or departure elsewhere.  

Total number of members as at 31-12-2019 is 1067.

In 2019, WWG sold 25 homes.



The chairman and secretary had 9 informal consultations with the director in 2019. 

As a daily board, we have met 5 times. As the general board, we have met 14 times, of which 2 meetings with the 2 tenant commissioners. They represent  us at Wetland Wonen on the Supervisory Board. 

As the general board, we have met twice with the management of WWG. As the daily board, we have had 2 operational consultations with Customer Service and Property Management, namely Mr. J. Dekker. mr. J. Dekker left WWG in the course of 2019. The director temporarily takes over his duties.

Contact person complexes has monthly consultations with mr. Source regarding the complexes.

By complexes we mean: the Vierhoek in Blokzijl, the Perelaar in Wanneperveen, Nieuw Clarenberg, De Steynenvuist (there is no residents' commission here because the complex is too small for that) and 't Westerholt in Vollenhove, Gasthuysland, de Beukenhof and Kastanjehof in Hasselt, De Cingelhof, the Klampe and the Kraggehof in Zwartsluis, Zonnewiede in Giethoorn, Weidegreven and the Meente in Genemuiden and the Esdoorn in Zwolle.

The contact persons have had a total of 14 consultations with Mr. Bron and she attended a total of 38 meetings of the complexes.


We discussed their 2018 annual accounts and 2019 budget with WWG.


We have advised WWG on rent policy and rent increases. What we have achieved is that Wetland Wonen has not asked for the maximum allowed for the rent increase, but the 1.6% inflation. 


At the end of December 2019, the tenants' association gave its approval to the renewed Social Statute of Wetland Housing. As a tenants' association, we have been able to contribute to the creation of this document, which will be signed by the parties in 2020.


In 2018, our advice was requested regarding the acquisition of 147 homes from Woonconcept in the northern cores as of 01-01-2020. In the run-up to this, we as a tenants' association attended four information meetings in November 2019, which were organized by Wetland Wonen. We have ensured that all future tenants who attended the information evening received a tenant newspaper from us. They also received the Christmas edition of our tenant newspaper and an information brochure from our association. This means that as of 01-01-2020 our working area will be expanded with the cores: Kuinre, Oldemarkt, Eesveen and Willemsoord.


We did not attend a provincial meeting in 2019. The meeting location went from Nijverdal to Rijssen. This meant an even greater travel distance, with the result that it is no longer feasible for our board members to attend these meetings in the evening.

We do receive all documents and reports every time. We extract from this what is useful and important for our tenants, mention this in our tenant newspaper and put things on our website.


HVZ has held one general meeting of members. In the second part of the members' meeting we had table discussions with the tenants present.

The visitors of the meeting and the board were very satisfied with this.

Courses and symposium

As a tenants' association, we completed the HO+ course that we follow in 2019. This was a course for the entire board. Our spearhead is: How do we get in touch with our supporters? 


We attended 4 network meetings, organized by the Woonbond, each time with a different theme.


In April 2019, at the invitation of Wetland Wonen, we attended a symposium on Social Sustainability.


Performance agreements

The tenants' association is a fully-fledged discussion partner in the performance agreements with Wetland Wonen and the municipalities of Zwartewaterland and Steenwijkerland.

The performance agreements with both municipalities were evaluated in December 2019 and signed by all parties. To this end, 11 meetings were attended by two people.


The tenant newspaper

We ensure that a tenant newspaper is published 4 times a year with information for our members. Of those 4 times, 1 newspaper goes to all tenants of WWG and that is the Christmas edition.

People often forget to indicate that they have moved or they buy a home through the WWG project, namely: Fine Buying.

The tenants' newspaper is also sent to all political parties for which we have an address. 



The members of the tenants' association received the Rent Guide at the beginning of April 2019 with an explanation of the rent increase as of 01-07-2019.

The rent guide is a publication of the Dutch Housing Association, to which we are affiliated as a tenants' association.

When we receive the Huurwijzer, we always have a number of copies left. These are then used to recruit new members.


We have also mediated between tenant and landlord for some tenants in order to arrive at an acceptable solution. In addition, we have sent a number of letters regarding maintenance (which was not carried out correctly) and/or delivery of the house. 

We have given 10 times oral/telephone advice to a tenant and 5 times written advice. 



You can also visit our website . Here you will find current information regarding the rent allowance and other matters. And here you will see, among other things, the annual reports, performance agreements and the addresses of the board members.

The membership

A number of times a year we receive the lists from WWG to be able to compare them with our lists with regard to membership of the tenants' association. This way we can keep track of who is a member.

Membership of the tenants' association is linked to the home and not to the person. So when you move house, your membership of the tenants' association will automatically expire.


Approved dated te 

The chairman, M. de Boer-Nijhuis

The secretary, G. Driegen-Ziel