Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede


Energy surcharge for 2023; municipality of Zwolle

You can read the text below on the website of the municipality of Zwolle.

Do you have a low income? Then there is extra money to pay the energy costs: the energy surcharge. This allowance is €800 for 2023.



You are entitled to the energy allowance for 2023 if:

  • you are 21 years or older
  • you live in the municipality of Zwolle
  • you have energy costs
  • your income in November 2023 is lower than 130% of the social assistance standard


You are not entitled to the energy surcharge if

  • you are younger than 21 years old
  • you are homeless
  • you are a student
  • you live in an institution and have no energy costs yourself
  • you apply for the energy allowance as a self-employed person for your increased operating costs


Receive automatically

Some of the residents of Zwolle have already automatically received the 2023 energy allowance. These are residents whose income we know. And who meet all the conditions for the allowance.

Did you receive an energy allowance for 2022, but did not automatically receive the 2023 energy allowance? Then you have received a message about this

' My Desk ' or by letter.
We have not been able to automatically determine that you are also entitled to the 2023 energy allowance. The reason may be that:

  • you have received a higher income
  • you no longer belong to one of the groups that can receive energy allowance
  • we cannot properly determine your living situation


To request

Did you not automatically receive the 2023 energy allowance?

But do you think you are entitled to the allowance? Then you can apply for the energy allowance. This is possible until July 1, 2024.


How further

Did you submit your application online? You will then receive an email from us. This states that we have received your request. And the number of your application. We call this number the case number.

Did you submit your application on paper? You will then receive a letter from us. This states that we have received your request. You will then receive a letter about the decision.


Are you unable to submit an application online? Please contact us. We will then see how we can best help you. Having trouble writing or filling in the blanks?

Do you find it difficult to fill out forms?   Op Orde Zwolle   is happy to help you with this. Then call (038) 456 97 50.


Help with high energy costs

Is it difficult for you to pay energy costs? Please contact us. Together we will then look for a solution.  

Due to increases in energy prices, your energy bill can be considerably higher. Sometimes we can help you with  special assistance .

Do you not receive an energy allowance or special assistance for your energy costs? But are you still experiencing problems due to high energy costs? Or have you received the energy allowance or special assistance, but is it not enough to pay the high energy costs? There will also be a national Energy Emergency Fund in 2024 .