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Housing costs

How high are my housing costs?

Wetland Wonen provides insight into monthly costs for home seekers

Publication date: 02-11-2020

In order to be able to and continue to live affordably, the Housing costs module has been added to De Woningzoeker, the website on which we (Wetland Wonen) offer our homes. This module shows the monthly costs of a home based on the average energy consumption in that home and the number of people in a household. This allows people to estimate the financial consequences of renting a home before accepting a home. If people are logged in to their personal page on De Woningzoeker  , they can see what the energy costs are for each home advertisement. A house with energy label D consumes more energy than a house with energy label A. A family with 5 people consumes more energy than a two-person household. 


Benefits for future tenants The housing costs module contributes to the awareness of our tenants.

They can estimate in advance what renting a home will cost, including the fixed costs (service and energy costs). Afterwards, they can compare this with their actual energy consumption, so that residents can also be encouraged to deal with their energy consumption more sustainably.


Making homes more sustainable

The housing costs module gives us insight into which buildings have the highest energy costs. We can include this in our sustainability projects.



Basic rental price € 714.90

Service costs € 4.45

Total rental price € 719.35

Rent allowance possible Yes


Calculate rent





The monthly housing costs are determined by the rental costs, the energy consumption and whether you are entitled to housing benefit. Below we give an indication of the expected costs based on the information we have about you and this property.


                                            1 pers    2 pers    3 pers   4 pers

Calculation rent              € 715      € 715    € 715     €715 

Service costs                   €4          €4         €4          €4

Energy costs                   € 174      € 188   € 206    € 216

Rent allowance ... ... ... ...

Expected monthly charges ... ... ... ...

Above you see an example of the monthly payments if someone is not logged in to the website.


A logged in user gets an overview of the monthly charges based on the personal settings.




Customized rental prices; the 2 rental policy

Wetland Wonen believes it is important that customers have as much freedom of choice as possible when looking for another home. That's why we offer from

September 2, 2019 our homes with a rent higher than € 633.25 (price level 2021) with two different rents. A basic rent for those who can afford it and a lower rent for people with a smaller wallet.


We want our customers to be able to live where they want and pay a rental price that matches their income, age and household size. We are therefore adjusting our rental policy. Vacant homes are offered with two possible rents: a basic rent and an adjusted, lower rent.


Lower rental price

The basic rent is the rent that we think is appropriate for the quality of the home. The adjusted rent is a lower rent that matches the income of the home seeker. That income therefore determines whether someone qualifies for a lower rent. The basic rent is always visible with our housing offer on De Woningzoeker. People who are registered as home seekers can see an adjusted rent depending on their income. The adjusted rental price applies provided that the registration details of the home seeker are correct. 

The adjusted rental prices only apply to home seekers who are from

September 2, 2019 started to rent a house from us.  


Changing the priority
rules In most cases, if several home seekers meet all the conditions, priority is given to the one with the longest registration period. For homes with a basic rent above € 678.66 (price level 2021), the person with a higher income takes precedence. Please note, sometimes other conditions also apply, such as 'priority for people over 55' or 'only for rent for people with an income above € 40,025' (level 2021). The conditions for allocation are always stated with the advertisement.


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