Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede

Assign appropriate

Find a home and Allocate Appropriately. How does it work?

Are you looking for a rental home from 1 of the participating corporations?

Register with the Home Finder! Available homes are advertised daily.  

You can respond to homes that match your income and family composition. Are you 1st candidate? Then you will receive a message from the corporation.


Which rent suits my income/household size

We allocate all rental properties appropriately. This means that the rent of the house must match the income and the household size. 

The government has laid down the rules in the Housing Act. She wants to prevent people with a low income from living in expensive houses. And people with a high income in houses that are too cheap.


Can I get urgency for a home?

No, you cannot request urgency.

Have you lived in the municipality of Kampen, Zwolle, Steenwijkerland or Zwartewaterland for at least 1 consecutive year? Then you can respond to the emergency module. Those houses are allocated by lottery. Registration time does not apply.  


Is there an immediate and serious housing problem? Then there is a special rule: 'the hardship clause'. An example is a fire or other, very serious, situation where the house is suddenly uninhabitable. This should always be through no fault of your own.

Is there a rush, but no acute housing problem? In that case, the hardship clause does not apply (for example, divorce, broken relationship or pregnancy). 

Do you think you qualify for the hardship clause? (see explanation below) Then call 1 of the corporations or come by. The employees can tell you if you qualify for this.


When do I qualify for the hardship clause if there is no fire or an uninhabitable home?

You qualify if: 

  • You fully respond to the emergency module for at least 3 months.
  • There is a threat of homelessness of minor children.
  • The situation arose through no fault of your own.
  • You leave an independent home behind.
    Do you meet all 4 conditions? Then call 1 of the corporations to discuss your situation. 


Check your registration details for income.

You use that household income.

The diagram above shows how Wetland Wonen's 2-rent policy is applied.