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Energy coaches

100th conversation with energy coach Steenwijkerland

On Friday December 3, 2021, the energy coaches of Steenwijkerland helped the 100th participant with smart and affordable tips to save energy.

Residents of Steenwijkerland who want to save energy and therefore money can get free advice from an energy coach. The deployment of energy coaches is a residents' initiative of the Sustainable Steenwijkerland foundation in collaboration with the housing associations Wetland Wonen and Woonconcept and the municipality of Steenwijkerland.

In addition to tips and advice, people who sign up for an interview with an energy coach also receive an energy-saving bag to take home. The bag contains handy energy-saving products. The energy coaches notice that participants can get along well with the tips.

Saving energy is often in small things. Especially with the rising energy prices, many people find it important to save on their energy consumption. In winter, this simply saves on the wallet.

Energy coach Henny van Rij: „We like to talk to residents of Steenwijkerland. Together we look at energy consumption on the basis of a checklist. We will then provide you with saving tips.

We go through things like lighting, heating, insulation, water consumption, energy bills and all electrical appliances.

Residents will receive a report based on our findings at a later date. This includes web links where more information can be found. We also give tips that people can use right away.”


Residents who want to receive free advice from an energy coach can   make an appointment via .

You can also register by mail:


The energy coaches hold consultation hours at the Infopunt Duurzaam Doen at Kerkstraat 4 in Steenwijk. The opening times can be found at . 





Energy coaches get to work

Publication date: 20-01-2021

Residents of Steenwijkerland who want to save energy and therefore money can get free advice. The municipality deploys energy coaches who help people on their way with smart and affordable tips. It is a residents' initiative of the Sustainable Steenwijkerland foundation in collaboration with the municipality of Steenwijkerland and the housing associations Wetland Wonen and Woonconcept.

Steenwijkerland wants to be energy neutral by 2050. To achieve this, annual savings on energy consumption are required. An easy way to realize this ambition is to look at how residents can save energy and adjust their behaviour.


Smart saving tips

The energy coaches are specially trained volunteers. Together with people, they look at their energy consumption, for example the type of lighting and heating in their home, the amount of water they consume, the electrical appliances and the amount of the energy bill. On the basis of this, the energy coaches can give smart and handy saving tips. They make tailor-made advice, a step-by-step plan, with which people can get started themselves. They also receive a free energy-saving bag containing products with a total value of approximately €30 and a €40 discount voucher. With this coupon they receive a discount when purchasing LED lamps, an infrared scan of a home or adjusting the central heating system more economically.


Saves on the wallet

Alderman Tiny Bijl: “A sustainable home provides living comfort and a lower energy bill. Moreover, energy-efficient living is also good for the environment. We want to be an energy neutral municipality. This cannot be done in one go, but this energy task requires a personal commitment from all of us. I am very happy with the efforts of the energy coaches. The energy coaches advise on how energy can be saved. A few good tips can make a big difference to the wallet.”


Affordable living

Nicole Peeters, managing director of Woonconcept, is proud of this initiative: “Our ambition in the field of making our homes more sustainable is - in addition to providing more comfort to our residents - aimed at ensuring that housing remains affordable. Energy costs are a large part of housing costs and we do not want them to rise any further. With small, smart changes you can quickly save energy and therefore money. And those tens a month can make a big difference for our residents!



Marcel Timmerman, director of Wetland Wonen: “We think it is important to invest in sustainable living. In most cases, this means that current residents save on their energy bills, and we work together on the future with environmentally conscious measures. In addition to investing in physical sustainability of our homes, such as installing insulation, we believe it is important that our tenants are aware of their own contribution to saving money and living environmentally consciously. The energy coach contributes to this awareness by sharing smart tips with our tenants in an accessible way.”


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