Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede


Resident committees

In recent years, residents' committees have been set up in (almost) all complexes in the municipality of Steenwijkerland and the municipality of Zwartewaterland.

Residents' committees are also being set up in Zwolle.

A residents' committee has consultations with Wetland Wonen (the landlord) twice a year (1x in the spring and 1x in the autumn).

A residents' committee is there for the general interests of all tenants/co-residents in the complex. People watch and listen to what is going on among the residents and then focus on common matters. This can be in the building, where the common areas are concerned, but also outside the building, such as the garden. Residents' committees receive a report of the consultation from the area director, who is present at these meetings on behalf of Wetland Wonen. This report is distributed by the members of the residents' committee to all tenants of the relevant complex. In this way, everyone receives the information from this meeting.

These meetings are not intended to lodge individual complaints. When a tenant/resident has an individual complaint for Wetland Wonen, it is the intention that this complaint is reported to Wetland Wonen by the resident. You can always call or email customer service for this.


Rental limits

The tenants' association regularly receives questions about rent levels; why there are differences in the rents, etc. We will try to give you some explanation.

Each year, the rent limits are increased according to legal standards as of 1 January.

As of January 1, 2022, only the rent limit of the highest rent, i.e. the liberalization limit, will increase.

This includes the homes that currently have a rent of € 752.33 .

If you see these homes on the Home Finder, they will (almost) always say “free sector”. These homes also fall under social rent.

The amounts associated with the low capping limit, high capping limit and quality discount limit will not change as of 1-01-2022. This has to do with the rent freeze in 2021; then there was no rent increase in July.

The rent limit, also known as the liberalization limit, will therefore increase according to legal standards and will then be € 763.47 as of 1-01-2022.

This means that this new rental price applies to new rentals

from 1-01-2022.

This therefore has no consequences for the sitting tenant.

However, this may be a cause of different rental prices for the same homes.

Other causes of different rents for the same house may be the Appropriate Allocation or the application of the 2-rent policy.

In addition, a tenant who has lived in the same home for many years may pay a lower rent than a neighbor who has not lived there very long. This also has to do with the fact how often the house has changed tenants. When a new tenant enters the house, the rent is usually increased, this is known as a mutation increase.


Garden and path maintenance 

The back path

When you are busy in the garden, you naturally also pay attention to the back path. The maintenance, with regard to removing weeds, is always for the resident himself.


However, if the back path is “broken”, for example tiles are uneven or are missing, you can report this to Wetland Wonen if the back path belongs to Wetland Wonen. It is also possible that the back path belongs to the municipality and then you must report this to the municipality.


The path to the front door

Here too, it is important that the tiles are in the right position and that the path is free of overhanging shrubs and plants. Because someone who comes to visit you or wants to do something on your bus must be able to do so safely, without stumbling and without having to make their way through the vegetation.


Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical air extraction ensures that the air in the house is constantly refreshed, because the ventilation system continuously extracts air from the house. Clean air then enters automatically through open ventilation grilles and any open (valve) windows. Ventilation is necessary for healthy air in the home. 


Tips mechanical ventilation system

·          Make sure that air from the outside can always enter through grilles or open windows. This is important in all houses, but even more so with mechanical exhaust air. If the house is tight, air is sucked in from the crawl space; it often contains moisture and mould.     
·          Also ensure good airflow in the house through at least 1.5 cm space under the interior doors, or an alternative such as ventilation grilles in interior walls or doors.  

 ·          Never switch off the mechanical ventilation . Only pull the plug of the central ventilation unit out of the socket during maintenance or in the event of a disaster (if the government - the security region - advises closing windows and doors). 

 ·          Is there no plug? Then switch the switch of the group that operates the mechanical ventilation in the meter cupboard ; stick a sticker to the right switch beforehand.  

 ·          Air the rooms regularly , but do not open the windows for more than half an hour (in winter); this prevents unnecessary heat loss.