Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede


Energy surcharge for 2023; municipality of Zwartewaterland

You can read the information below on the municipality of Zwartewaterland's website.


Households with low and middle incomes can apply for a one-off energy allowance for 2023. The energy allowance is for households with a joint income up to 150 percent of the social assistance standard. The allowance is a maximum of € 1300.   


Who receives the energy surcharge automatically?

We automatically pay the energy surcharge to households with a benefit from the municipality of Zwartewaterland. 


Apply yourself

Households with an income up to 150 percent of the social assistance standard can apply for the benefit themselves. Households with incomes above this standard are not eligible for energy allowance. 

You can apply for energy allowance using a DigiD form or a print form. You can complete the print form online, print it, sign it and send it to the municipality. 


Help with applications

Would you like help applying for energy allowance? Then come to the energy allowance and Gemeentepolis consultation hours in Zwartsluis, Genemuiden and Hasselt. 

For questions about energy surcharges, you can also contact the municipality via  or 14 038. Or simply visit the town hall. 



Conditions apply to energy surcharges. On the date of application, the applicant must:

  • live in the municipality of Zwartewaterland and do not stay in an institution;
  • be 21 years or older; 
  • have a contract with an energy supplier;
  • have an income of a maximum of 150% of the social assistance standard.


How much is the energy surcharge?

The energy allowance is linked to the social assistance standard. The lower the social assistance standard, the higher the allowance. The table below shows which energy surcharge corresponds to which assistance standard.


Social assistance standard      Amount of energy allowance

Up to and including 120%      € 1,300.00

>120% - 130%                           € 1,000.00

>130% - 140%                           €    500.00

>140% - 150%                           €    300.00

The social assistance standard differs per age and per situation.


Questions about energy allowance?

Residents with questions about energy allowance can email 

or call 14 038. You can also visit the town hall without an appointment. 

Residents who would like to discuss their financial situation can also contact us or visit the  Finance in Order Consultation Hour.

If you would like to know until when you can apply for this energy allowance, please contact the municipality.


Special wellfare

Households that earn just too much for energy allowance may be eligible for special assistance. The municipality is looking for a tailor-made solution. Special assistance is intended to pay unexpected high costs.


Energy coaches

Our energy coaches provide smart saving tips. An energy coach visits residents' homes free of charge and investigates how the

home can be made more energy efficient.  


That applies to me

Did you know that many households struggle to make ends meet? There are many schemes and allowances, but how do you know what you are entitled to?

The online tool “That applies to me” helps with this. In just a few clicks you can see what you may be entitled to. 


Help with financial problems

Financial problems all too often cause a lot of worry and stress. If you can't figure it out yourself, you can ask for help. You can discuss your financial concerns with an expert and look for solutions together. 


Consultation hours for finances in order

Financial problems often cause shame. Do you have trouble making ends meet? Are there any questions about allowances from the tax authorities? Or do you have debts? Then you can use the Consultation Hour Finance in Order. Every Wednesday morning from 9:00 am to 11:00 am in the town hall.

You do not need to make an appointment for this. You can report to the counter in the town hall. If you are unable to come by on Wednesday, you can also make an appointment. Call 14 038 or email


Healthy and Happy Zwartewaterland

The municipality of Zwartewaterland and other social organizations promote a  Healthy and Happy Zwartewaterland . This also means that everyone should be able to participate in our society. Money worries should not be an obstacle.