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Wetland Wonen and Woonconcept are taking over homes from Omnia Wonen

More than 346 tenants in the municipality of Steenwijkerland will have a new landlord as of 1 July 2023. Wetland Wonen takes over 208 homes in Eesveen, Oldemarkt and Steenwijk. Woonconcept is the new landlord of 138 homes in the center of Steenwijk. The residents received a letter from Omnia Wonen last month with this news. They are invited for a personal introduction to their new landlord.


Peter Toonen, CEO of Omnia Wonen: “Our core area is located in the housing market regions of Amersfoort and North Veluwe and extends from Woudenberg to Oldebroek. We are rooted there and are actively involved in the challenges and residents. In Steenwijkerland our share is much smaller. We are therefore pleased that Wetland Wonen and Woonconcept are taking over these homes from us, so that they remain available for social rental. Because this area is a core region for both housing associations, the tenants are in good hands with them.”


Pleasant neighborhoods and villages

The homes that Wetland Wonen is taking over are located in the villages of Eesveen and Oldemarkt and the city of Steenwijk. Marcel Timmerman, managing director of Wetland Wonen: “With the acquisition of these homes, we can do even more for the residents of Eesveen, Oldemarkt and Steenwijk. We are committed to ensuring a pleasant living environment together with residents and partners.” 


Woonconcept takes over single-family homes and apartments in the De Gagels, Oostwijken and Steenwijk-West districts. “We work intensively with Wetland Wonen and the municipality, so that we can jointly commit ourselves to pleasant living in Steenwijkerland. We rent out many homes and our neighborhood team has good contacts in the neighbourhoods, with residents and cooperation partners. We know the neighborhoods well and would like to build nice neighborhoods and districts together with them,” says Marcel van Halteren, director of Woonconcept.


Home seekers have been transferred

Wetland Wonen uses  De Woningzoeker , a collaboration between 8 housing corporations in 10 different municipalities in Overijssel. Woonconcept rents out the houses through  Thuiskompas , a collaboration between all housing corporations in Drenthe. Home seekers who are registered with Omnia Wonen have received a letter about this.