Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede

Minor repairs

The tenants' association regularly receives questions about minor repair work in the home. This mainly concerns the question of who carries out these activities and who bears the costs for this.

The Small Repairs Decree is included in Article 240 of Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code. This Decree entered into force on 01-08-2003 and is valid until today. This Decree can be found at:  

decides on minor repairs.

A housing association can make and record its own agreements about this.  


Wetland Wonen works with a maintenance subscription called KOP (Small Maintenance Package)

Wetland Wonen says in its brochure: “A well-maintained home is important for you as a tenant, but also for us as a landlord. We are therefore jointly responsible for this. You can do minor repairs such as unclogging the sink and toilet yourself. You can take out a KOP maintenance contract for a number of repairs that you would otherwise have to do yourself.” 

The brochure also reads: “If you use the KOP maintenance contract, this has the following benefits for you:

  • You don't have to maintain or repair everything yourself;
  • We carry out the maintenance and repairs professionally for you;
  • The costs are lower than when you engage a company yourself.”

Wetland Wonen applies the following regulation:

For the Small-Maintenance Package you pay € 35.00 once for your registration. You do not pay these costs if you take out the subscription immediately when you move into a home. 

After registration you pay € 3.50 each month. You pay these monthly costs together with the rent. This amount is not included in the annual rent increase.

In the brochure “Maintenance ABC” you will find a complete overview of all maintenance in and around the house. You can see what Wetland Wonen is responsible for. You also see what you are responsible for and what falls under the Small Maintenance Package. So, if 'KOP' is in the column of the “Maintenance ABC” then the activities fall under the “Small Maintenance Package”.

Without a KOP subscription, these activities are for your own account. Do you have a subscription? Then Wetland Wonen will carry out this work for you. You only need to request a repair from Wetland Wonen and they will ensure that the job is carried out professionally.

More information about the subscription to the Klein-Maintenance Package can be found at



Report a repair request to Wetland Wonen

The Wetland Wonen website states the following:

  • You can report repair requests 24 hours a day via our website
  • Would you like to pass on repair requests by telephone?

You can do that on Monday to Thursday from 8.00 to 12.00

via (0527) 24 97 10.

  • Do you have a gas leak, burst water pipe, power failure, damage due to fire, burglary or other emergency? Then call us on (0527) 24 97 10.

In case of emergency, we are there for you as soon as possible. When you arrange a company to carry out the repair yourself, you pay the costs yourself.