Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede


nergy surcharge for 2023; municipality of Steenwijkerland

You can read the text below on the website of the municipality of Steenwijkerland.


Energy allowance for low incomes

The energy surcharge is intended for households with a low income. Low-income households receive an amount of money to compensate for high energy prices. We use this amount to help you pay your energy bills.


When are you eligible for the energy allowance?

  • You have an income  up to 130% of the social assistance standard.
  • You are 18 years or older and live in the municipality of Steenwijkerland.
  • You have an independent home. An independent home is a home with its own entrance and its own kitchen and toilet.


Please note : are you self-employed? Then some things are not included as income. Contact us for more information about this. 


When are you not eligible for the energy allowance?

  • You are only registered in our municipality with a postal address.
  • You are a co-resident and do not pay the energy bill.
  • You have an income of more than 130% of the social assistance standard.
  • You live in an institution for sheltered or assisted living.


Apply for energy allowance 2023

You can apply for the 2023 energy allowance online until June 30, 2024.

Would you rather complete the form by hand? Contact us on telephone number 14 0521. We can then send you a form by post.

Please note : first check the amount of your income yourself. With an income up to 130% of the social assistance standard, you are entitled to the energy allowance. Do you have a higher income? Then you are not entitled to energy allowance. 

Example: Are you single or single parent and do you have a net income higher than € 1,502.53 per month? Then you are not entitled to the energy surcharge. For a family, this limit is € 2,146.45 net per month. Above this amount you are not entitled to energy allowance. Surcharges from the tax authorities do not count as income.


How much is the contribution?

The 2023 energy surcharge is €800 per household. Has your energy bill increased and is this causing you financial problems? Or is the 2023 energy surcharge not sufficient? Contact us. We will then look together at how we can help you. 



Welcome to the Geldloket.
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You can contact us with questions about finances, budget advice, payment problems and debts. Our help is free. The municipality of Steenwijkerland and Social Work De Kop work together in the Geldloket.


Help with your financial matters

Are you having trouble making ends meet? For example, because you have a low income? Would you like tips and advice on financial matters? Sometimes a listening ear and a helping hand is enough to move on. Sometimes a consultation helps. By telephone, at the office or at your home. You may be eligible for the schemes that are available.


To ask

Do you have questions? Or would you like to know more? You can call our Customer Contact Center on telephone number 14 0521 or send an e-mail to the information officer:


Source: /energietoeslag