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Information about rent reduction in 2024 for low incomes

Am I eligible for the rent reduction in 2024 for low incomes?

You may be eligible for the low-income rent reduction if you have a low income and:

· rent a social rental home from a housing association from March 1, 2023 or earlier;

· you have not received a rent reduction for low incomes for that home in 2023; and

· pays more than €577.91 (in 2024) in basic rent per month for that home.


You cannot apply for a rent reduction for low incomes for rental contracts that started after March 1, 2023.

This rent reduction for low incomes is separate from the other reasons for requesting a rent reduction.


Ask for a rent reduction if you currently have a low income

Are you renting a social home from a housing association (from March 1, 2023 or earlier) (the housing association is your landlord)? And have you not had a rent reduction for that home to €575.03 for low incomes in 2023? And will you pay a higher (basic) rent for that home in 2024 than €577.91? And do you now have a joint low income?

Then you can request a rent reduction to €577.91 from the housing association until December 30, 2024.

You must apply for the rent reduction yourself from the housing association, because the housing association does not know that you now have a low income.


To be eligible for a rent reduction, you must be able to prove that your joint gross income over the last 6 months was low.

The overview below shows what your maximum income may have been over the past 6 months.

· Household of 1 person who does not receive AOW € 12,420

· Household of 1 person, who receives AOW € 13,215

· Household of 2 or more people, none of whom receive state pension

€ 16.185

· Household of 2 or more people, of whom at least 1 person receives AOW

€ 17.575

Please note: do you have children living at home who are younger than 27 years old? Their income does not count. But they do count towards the size of the household.


Did you not receive a proposal after your request? Please contact us. Does the housing association not make you a proposal within 3 weeks? And you think you are entitled to that? Please contact your housing association.

Is your housing association not responding? Or does it reject your request? Then you can go to the Rent Assessment Committee. This is possible up to 9 weeks after your rent reduction request.


Check the consequences for your housing benefit

Report your new rent and your possible changed income to the Benefits Department. You can do this via

The housing association will also pass on your rent reduction to the Allowances Service.

If your rent goes down, you will receive less housing allowance. However, you will still have money left over from the rent reduction. This is because the rental allowance will decrease by a smaller amount than the amount by which the rent price decreases. You then pay less rent. If your income has also fallen, you may receive more housing allowance. Or you will receive housing allowance for the first time. For example, because your rent is now low enough. You can make a trial calculation for allowances on


After rent reduction in 2024, no rent increase in the same year

Have you had a rent reduction in 2024 because you have a low income? Then the housing association may not increase the rent again later in 2024.