Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede

Annual report 2021

The board

The board consists of 9 board members and 1 aspiring board member on 01-01-2021. At the members' meeting of June 9, 2021, he was appointed as a board member for the Zwolle core. On 31-12-2021 our board consists of 10 board members.


Member count

At the beginning of 2021, the number of members was 1064.

In 2021 we were able to welcome a total of 86 new members. 7 members moved within Wetland Wonen's working area and remained a member. 56 members have moved (with or without notification to the tenants' association) or membership has ended due to: death, departure to a care home or departure elsewhere.

People often forget to report that they have moved.

But it is also regularly forgotten to inform us that people have bought a home through the project of WWG "Fine Buying".

It would be very nice if you let us know in time.

Total number of members as of 31-12-2021 is 1094.

A number of times a year we receive the lists from WWG in order to be able to compare them with our lists in terms of membership of the tenants' association. This way we can keep track of who is a member.

The membership of the tenants' association is linked to the home and not to the person. So the moment one moves, the membership of the tenants' association automatically expires.

In 2021, WWG sold 16 social rental homes.



In 2020, the chairman and secretary had 11 informal meetings with the director.

As the daily board, we met 6 times. As a general board, we have met 12 times. As the general board, we met twice with the 2 members of the Supervisory Board, who represent us at Wetland Wonen in the Supervisory Board.

Some of these meetings were due to Corona via Teams; yet meetings could also be held physically.

As the general board, we met 1 x with the management of WWG, digitally via Teams due to the corona measures.  

We had operational consultations 3x in 2021. We try to increase this to 6 times a year.

Contact persons of the complexes have regular consultations with the area directors. Namely: Mr. Anno van der Weide and Mrs. Jacqueline Jonkers.

By complexes we mean: the Vierhoek in Blokzijl, the Perelaar in Wanneperveen, Nieuw Clarenberg, De Steinen Vuyst (there is no residents' committee here because the complex is too small for that) and 't Westerholt in Vollenhove, Gasthuysland, the Beukenhof and Kastanjehof in Hasselt, the Cingelhof, the Klampe and the Kraggehof in Zwartsluis, Zonnewiede in Giethoorn, Weidegreven and the Meente in Genemuiden, the Ahornhof in Zwolle and De Landerijen in Oldemarkt.

Mr Koning has monthly consultations with Mr Anno van der Weide. Each residents' committee meets twice a year (in spring and autumn) together with WWG and the contact person on behalf of the tenants' association of the complex. Due to the Corona pandemic and the measures in this regard, only a few meetings have been held out of a total of 30 meetings.

We have spoken with WWG about their annual report/annual accounts for 2020 and about the annual plan and budget for 2021.

We have advised WWG on rent policy and rent increases.

Due to Corona, the government has not imposed a rent increase for social rental in 2021.

Together with WWG, the tenants' association has ensured that the service costs are made clear and transparent for the residents of the various complexes.

We have approved the Service Fee Policy 2022-2025.

In addition, the tenants' association has given positive advice regarding the quality of life policy 2021-2024.

As of 01-01-2021, WWG in Zwolle has taken over 54 homes from fellow corporation Mooiland, which is why we were able to welcome so many new members in 2021.

We have received an explanation from WWG about maintenance work on homes and about the period in which this work is planned. The ownership of the northern cores has been made transparent. The sustainability plans have yet to be developed for this. This will be a difficult task because it often involves fragmented property.

In 2021 we visited the provincial meetings of the Woonbond in March, June and November digitally, via Zoom.

We work together with other tenant organizations on the regional housing distribution system. We do this with the support of consultants from the Woonbond, namely Ms M. Hilbolling and Mr M. Groen.

For this we have already followed various sessions via Teams (i.e. digitally).

We will then include the information that is important for our tenants in the next edition of our association magazine.

HVZ held 1 x general meeting of members in 2021. In the second part of this members' meeting, we had Mr. J. Wittenberg of the IJsselland district fire brigade as a speaker. He told us about fire safety and keeping escape routes open.

The visitors to the meeting and the board were very satisfied with this.

There was a good turnout of members.


Courses and symposium

In connection with the new WBTR Act (Directorate and Supervision of Legal Entities Act), we have followed various webinars in order to achieve a good result for our association. We have adjusted our house rules accordingly. Our liability insurance has now also been arranged.

All that remains for us now is to go to the notary to record this by means of an amendment to the Articles of Association. This must be achieved before 1 July 2026.

In addition, we followed a number of webinars (online lecture) from the Woonbond on various topics, such as:

  • Get energy out of your bill (including various saving tips)
  • Heat and heat stress
  • Maintenance rules from the Civil Code
  • Affordability and amenities
  • The financial position of vulnerable tenants


Performance agreements

The tenants' association is a fully-fledged discussion partner in the performance agreements with Wetland Wonen and the municipalities of Zwartewaterland, Steenwijkerland and Zwolle.

The performance agreements, year bracket 2020, with the municipalities were evaluated in March/April 2021. Agreements that have not yet been finalized will be further elaborated and implemented in 2021. And in the last months of 2021, the annual installment for 2022 was drawn up in which the current agreements will be further adjusted and elaborated. This year bracket 2022 was signed again in December 2021 (gem. Steenwijkerland) by all parties. For this, 5 meetings were attended or digitally attended by two people and 1 meeting was attended by three people.

For the municipality of Zwartewaterland, the annual disc 2022 will be signed in March 2022. This was partly caused by the departure of the officials charged with these matters.


The tenant newspaper

We ensure that a tenant newspaper is published 4 times a year with information for our members. Of those 4 times, 1 time a newspaper is sent to all tenants of WWG and that is the Christmas edition.

The tenants' newspaper is also sent to all political parties, for which we have an address.



The members of the tenants' association received the Rent Guide at the beginning of April 2021 with an explanation of the rent increase as of 01-07-2021.

The Huurwijzer is a publication of the Nederlandse Woonbond, to which we are affiliated as a tenants' association.

When we receive the Huurwijzer, we always have a number of copies left over. These are then used to recruit new members.

We have also mediated between tenant and landlord for a number of tenants in order to arrive at an acceptable solution.

We gave 56 x oral advice to tenants who had problems with WWG and 18 x written advice.

Advice on maintenance that has not been carried out correctly, delivery of the house, acceptance of the house, moisture problems, etc.



You can also visit our website . Here you will find up-to-date information regarding rent allowance and other matters. Here you will also find the annual reports, performance agreements and the addresses of the board members.


Approved dated 6-04-2022 in Blokzijl


The chairman, M. de Boer-Nijhuis

The secretary, G. Driegen-Ziel