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The Home Finder

The Home Finder

In this article, we'll show you some questions and answers. Perhaps some of these questions are also with you.


Housing offer

Information about listing homes. 

  • Can I refuse a home?

Yes that is allowed. But sometimes that has consequences.


The following applies to the desired module, the free sector module or directly for rent module:
- You may refuse a home. YOU

you can do this in writing or digitally. This has no consequences.

  • Not responding to an offer?

Or do you not show up for a viewing where an employee of the corporation is present? Then you can not respond to homes for 3 months.


The following applies to the emergency module:
You can not respond to homes for 12 months if you:

  • An offered house refuses.
  • Not responding to a property offer.
  • Do not submit your data completely and on time.


During the period that you cannot respond to a property:

  • you will see a notification when logging in.
  • You do build up the registration time.
  • You must extend the registration and pay if you receive a message about this.

  • Who will be offered the house?

After the advertisement has been closed, The property will be placed in the desired module and the free sector module will be offered to the candidate with the longest registration period.

Are there priority rules?

Then they also determine the order.

The house in the emergency module will be offered to the candidate who comes first in the lottery.

The house in the Direct for rent module is offered to the candidate who responds first.

  • Do I always have to respond to a housing offer?

Yes, you have to. You can respond to an offer on 'My overview'. You indicate there whether you accept or refuse the property.


Are you not reporting anything?

Then that has consequences for you. Refusing a home in the emergency module also has consequences. See the text at the beginning of this article for this.

  • How is the lottery conducted in the emergency module?

The draw of the emergency homes is done by the computer.

  • Does the candidate whose turn it is always receive an assignment?

No, that's not always the case. The corporation may have a reason not to allocate. For example if it turns out that:

  • The income after checking is not appropriate for the home.
  • There is a rent debt.
  • It is a home in the emergency module and the candidate does not live in the region for a consecutive year.
  • Serious nuisance has been caused in the past.
  • The priority rule stated in the ad is not met.
  • What happens to my registration if I accept a home?

If you accept a home, we will deregister you as a home seeker. Your registration period expires because you have found a home. You can always re-register afterwards and build up the registration duration.

  • How long do I have to wait for a home?

That is difficult to predict. It depends on your wishes and personal situation. In addition, our homes are divided in different ways. This also affects the waiting time.

  • Emergency homes are raffled off. Registration time does not play a role in this. Everyone has an equal chance.
  • Registration duration determines the order for free sector and desired homes.
  • In the directly for rent module, 'first come, first served' applies.


You can see at " Recently rented " (on the website of De Woningzoeker) how long a home has been allocated for.                  


You can also find more information yourself on this site. Click on “info and contact”, then scroll down a bit with the mouse and you will see: “question and answer”. There you can click on one of the blue boxes. However, if you have any questions to which you cannot find the answer, please contact Wetland Wonen.