Huurdersvereniging Zwartewaterwiede


You have a complaint.

A complaint must always be reported to Wetland Wonen Groep first

You can submit a complaint   to WWG in 3 ways.


By phone

If you report the complaint by telephone, make a note of the date you called, who you spoke to and what the complaint is.



By computer via the service line. Please print the complaint form first before pressing send. This way you have proof that you sent it.



In the letter you clearly state your name, address and place of residence, telephone number and date on which you send it  

What the complaint is and set a reasonable period of time in which you hope that the complaint will be resolved.

Make a copy of the letter, so that you also have proof that you have sent a letter.

If you have trouble drafting a letter, approach the board member or contact person of your core. They will be happy to help you draft the letter.

You must send the letter yourself.

If the complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily and WWG does not resolve the matter, you can contact us again.

To see an example of the letter of complaint, please click on the button below: